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Erfolg. The newspaper for entrepreneurs.

Through the newspaper Erfolg, members of the Swiss SME Association and subscribers to the newspaper are kept up to date on new trends, upcoming events, political proposals or changes in legislation.

The newspaper Erfolg is the official organ of the Swiss SME Association and is published five times a year.

Erfolg has 35'000 readers and is notarially certified. This means that Erfolg reaches every seventh SME in German-speaking Switzerland! 

Erfolg is not available at the newsstand and is not automatically distributed to all P.O. Box addresses. The newspaper goes exclusively to subscribers, members of the Swiss SME Association, seminar and business hotels, newly founded companies and elected representatives in politics.

Blue Archer writes articles on OKR, which are published regularly (in german).

Ausgabe April 2024

OKR Unconference 2024

February 2024 edition

The OKR introduction

Issue 6/8 June / August 2023

OKRs are simple. It is a structured process of goal setting and tracking.

September 2023 edition

The OKR community​

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