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The Arrow is the intention. 

It connects the power of the bow to the center of the objective. 

The intention must be crystal clear, straight forward, well balanced. 

If you don't take risks, you'll never know what to do differently next time. 

Holding the arrow means being in touch with your intention.

The Bow is life.Out of it comes all energy. 

The arrow will one day fly away. The objective is far away. 

But the bow will always be there, and you have to know how to take care of it.

The Objective is what is meant to be hit. 

The objective can be bigger or smaller, but you always have to stand up straight in front of it and bring it up in your mind.

Therefore, one must choose the objective well, do one's best to achieve it, and always look at the objective with respect and dignity.

When looking at it, one should focus not only on the objective alone, but also on everything that is happening around it.

You have to understand the goal and ask yourself: "If I am the objective, then where am I?" 

Because a objective only exists as long as the archer exists.

- Blue Archer's philosophy is inspired by "The Archer" (P. Coelho).

Successfully support companies in achieving their objectives through OKR.

Values & Principles

Driving Success Through Clear Focus, Transparency, and Measurable Progress

Business Discussion


Only if you pursue your goals with clear intentions and focus can they be achieved. The connection to the intention enables the versioning of the goals and their implementation.

Business Colleagues


The common direction (alignment) to implement the set goals, thus getting closer to the vision, gives courage to achieve great things. 



You have to understand the goal and become aware of its condition. Collaboration is strengthened through transparency and focus.



The team (the people) are the energy and the life that make the goals and their achievement possible. The goals should be pursued and implemented with enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation. 

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