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Blue Archer OKR Master's expertise lies in the ability to successfully communicate the principles of OKR, lead implementation within the organisation and ensure alignment with strategic objectives.

The core elements of OKR are central, but the framework itself has grown significantly over the past few decades. The systemic understanding of the framework, the outcome orientation, the OKR events or the intelligent interaction of OKR and KPI show how the OKR framework also adapts itself again and again to the general conditions of the market.

Blue Archer OKR Master works as a servant leader to create optimal conditions for an OKR introduction and to optimally support those involved in the company in their role.

OKR and all agility are ultimately about a mindset. So an attitude and an idea of how communication and cooperation work.

Blue Archer accompanies the teams as a mentor and supports them to find their own way. Blue Archer helps individuals to exploit their potential, while offering guidance and support. The goal is to pass on agile values and principles.

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Implementation vs. Strategy

Blue Archer also offers its expertise in the implementation of OKR initiatives.

Due to many years of experience in project management, Blue Archer can provide support as a mentor to project managers and project teams.

Blue Archer has wide know-how in the area of classic (Prince 2, IMPA) and agile (Scrum, Kanban) project management methods.

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