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Objectives and Key Results (OKR) offer a structured method for defining, measuring and tracking corporate objectives.

OKRs offer a simple framework for defining and actively working on goals at organisational or team level. ​ The starting point of the OKR framework is the mission statement, precise vision & purpose. It is the Northern Star and describes the fundamental long-term orientation.

This is followed by the annual goal (Moal- Midterm Goal) and the associated planning. It shall be understood as a connecting member or a connecting member. Since Vision & Purpose are at an abstract altitude, but the actual OKR cycle is designed in a three- or four-month cycle and thus clearly more operational, the annual target (Moal) has the purpose of linking both. The Moal Goal ensures that the objectives and key results always have a connection to strategic orientation.

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José Santos, CEO &

OKR Master of Blue Archer 

OKR Master

The cooperation with Blue Archer's OKR consulting offers professional support in the successful achievement of corporate goals. You can expect transparent, consistent, qualitative and individual advice.

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