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"We love OKR"

A community is a group of people who are connected by common interests, activities or goals. Communities can exist online or offline, i.e. through physical presence, and range from small, closed groups to large, global networks. Members of a community often have common interests, values or goals that connect them. They share information, experiences, ideas and opinions with each other. Communities often provide an environment where members can get support, advice and help from others.


The OKR Circle is based on the community that enables results-oriented work in organizations by providing resources, exchange, software and, last but not least, education. The OKR Circle offers a space in which those interested in OKR and OKR coaches can learn from each other, find answers to their questions, share challenges, get access to all information and network with each other.

Laughing during a Lecture

The Meetup "We love OKR" is a community platform organised by the OKR Circle for all those who have already gained experience with OKRs and appreciate the exchange on this topic, or of course for OKR-interested people who still want to. It is usually opened by an example from practice. People are invited who already have intensive experience with OKRs and would like to share it, which at the same time is the door opener for the joint, subsequent discussion.

As a host and ambassador of the OKR Circle Community, I provide access to interesting and exciting lectures and exchange within the OKR community. As an OKR Master, I am committed to creating optimal conditions for an OKR implementation and to positively supporting those involved in the company in their role. OKR and agility as a whole is ultimately about a mindset. In other words, an attitude and an idea of how communication and collaboration work. I accompany the teams as a mentor and support them in finding their own way. I help the individuals to realise their potential and at the same time offer guidance and support. The goal is to pass on the agile values and principles.

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